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Western Beacon is a bold attempt to bring like-minded Americans together to restore our republic and shape policy. We distribute free digital newsletters via email to hundreds of concerned Americans just like you. Through our newsletter, we cut through the gossip and provide constitutional remedies to todays problems.

We serve as a central hub to deliver essential information from some of the top minds in America.

Simply put, we are average American blue-collar workers, veterans, mothers, fathers, and public servants who wish to bring Western America closer to our founding principles.

America is at a turing point

Radicals have ceased control of America and have vowed to fundamentally change our way of life. It's times like this that all righteous Men and Women must uphold truth and tradition.

MISSION: Durring this unprecidented time in history, we wish to bring together all lovers of liberty to create actual solutions, pass valuable information, and shape public policy.

VISION: We envision an America where all free people turn to the founding documents and ideals that have guided us for so long.


We focus on several forms of public policy. All of these subjects are fundemental aspects of western America and are key targets for transformation.





Sustainable Devlopment

Private Property

Why We Need You

There is no doubt that Americans feel a sense of desperation. No matter what side of the political spectrum you're on, we can all agree that our government has drifted far from the founding principles and limitations laid out by the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Our people are losing hope and feeding from the hand of immorality. We must unite and turn to those sacred documents, our history, and the words of our founding fathers.

"We must not forget that liberty has here made her home, nor shall her choosen alter be neglected."

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